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Maximizing cash flow and the quality of master data 

Maximizing cash flow and the quality of master data applied to the procure-to-pay process.
S-DNA discovers and recovers profits and delivers comprehensive reports that will empower teams to improve processes immediately. 

Through reliable and professional audits, S-DNA guarantees transparency and profitability.  We use our own Analyzer software to find and recover erroneous payments. 

Years of experience in analyzing financial data led to the development of new applications. S-DNA's new product verifies supplier and client data when it is most needed: during the procure-to-pay process. This product minimizes errors at purchasing departments and improves profitability. 

The network and programs for the audits have a strong analytical power to identify hidden profits and root causes of underperformance, and is considered as the LinkedIn of financial administrative clientdata. 

Characteristics of S-DNA

Profit discovery and recovery: Through Project Analyzer our Analists provide clients an increase of cash flow immediately. As of 2008, 100% direct financial result.

Improvement of supplier procceses and control: Minimizing resources of time, money and human capital on a structural basis through Analyzer Monitor An ongoing service that delivers up-to-date analytics about your procure-to-pay process in order for you to enhance your finance performance.

Reliable supplierdata: The client network of S-DNA is interactive, independent and secured.

Analytics for Risk control: 24h online comprehensive reports of processes and results. Reports provide insights in overpayments like double payments, fraud, fiscal risks, unforeseen costs.

Risk- free partnership: We work on a performance fee. You will compensate us when our partnership has made you profitable.

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